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Bj’s Gift Card Balance Restaurant

BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house boasts a vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere with delectable dishes and craft beers. Whether commemorating a momentous occasion or just having a relaxed meal with loved ones, a BJ’s gift card balance unlocks a world of delicious possibilities.

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Checking Your BJ’s Gift Card Balance:

Before venturing to your local BJ’s, verifying your gift card balance is crucial. Here’s how:

Online: Visit the official BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house website and navigate to the “BJ’s Gift Card Balance” section. Enter the card number and PIN to view your remaining balance.

Mobile App: Download the BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house app and log in to your account. In the “Gift Cards” section, you can access your balance and transaction history.

Call: Contact BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house customer service at 1-800-445-5237 to inquire about your balance.

In-Store: Visit any BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house location and ask a staff member to check your balance.

Beyond the Brew house: Delicious Possibilities with Your BJ’s Gift Card Balance:

While your BJ’s gift card grants access to the restaurant’s mouthwatering menu, it offers additional exciting possibilities:

Pizookies: Indulge in BJ’s signature Pizookies, warm, gooey cookie pizzas served in individual skillets with ice cream. A gift card is the perfect excuse to explore their diverse flavors, from classic chocolate chip to seasonal delights.

Catering: Plan your next gathering with ease by utilizing BJ’s catering services. Impress your guests with a selection of appetizers, pizzas, salads, and desserts, all covered by your gift card.

BJ’s Market: BJ’s Gift Card Balance & Brew house locations offer convenient market sections where you can purchase fresh groceries, beverages, and household essentials. Stretch your gift card further by using it to stock up on your favorite items.

BJ’s Perks: Enrolling in BJ’s Perks program unlocks exclusive benefits like birthday rewards, free delivery, and special offers. Use your gift card to cover the membership fee and enjoy ongoing savings and perks.

Unforgettable Gift Ideas:

Considering a BJ’s gift card as a present? Here are some unique gift ideas to personalize your offering:

Craft Beer Pairings: Choose a BJ’s gift card and pair it with a selection of their handcrafted beers, creating a memorable gift for any beer enthusiast.

Pizookie Party Kit: Surprise your loved ones with a DIY Pizookie party kit. Get a BJ’s gift card and add pre-made cookie dough, ice cream, and toppings for a fun and delicious activity.

Family Feast Bundle: Celebrate special occasions with a family feast bundle. Combine a BJ’s gift card with a selection of appetizers, pizzas, and desserts to ensure everyone enjoys the meal.

Gifts for Foodies: Pair your BJ’s gift card with gourmet ingredients or kitchen gadgets relevant to the recipient’s culinary interests, enhancing their cooking experience.

BJ’s Gift Card: A Gift of Endless Possibilities:

A BJ’s gift card transcends the ordinary. It’s a gateway to culinary adventures, a celebration of shared moments, and a thoughtful gesture that shows you care. From savory pizzas and mouthwatering Pizookies to convenient market options and engaging catering services, the possibilities are endless. So, unleash the delicious potential of a BJ’s gift card and create unforgettable memories for yourself and your loved ones.


A BJ’s gift card holds the key to more than just a delicious meal. It unlocks a world of culinary experiences, memorable moments, and practical solutions. From indulging in mouthwatering pizzas and Pizookies to catering for special occasions and stocking up on groceries, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful gift or an excuse to explore new flavors, a BJ’s gift card is a guaranteed winner. So, go ahead, unlock the delicious potential and make priceless memories with your family at BJ’s Restaurant & Brew house.

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