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10 Best Blick Gift Cards: Unique Gift Ideas For

Blick gift card

Finding the perfect gift for the artist in your life can be a challenge. With countless paints, brushes, canvases, and speciality tools, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not; there’s a solution that sparks creativity and ignites artistic passion: a Blick gift card!

Blick Art Materials is a haven for artists of all levels. From seasoned professionals to budding beginners, Blick offers a vast selection of high-quality art supplies at competitive prices. A Blick card empowers recipients to choose exactly what they need or crave, ensuring a truly personalized and appreciated present.

But how do you make a Blick gift card even more special? Here are 10 unique gift card ideas that will transform a simple card into an unforgettable artistic experience:

1. The Themed Gift Basket:

For a focused and delightful gift, curate a themed basket around a specific artistic medium. This could include:

  • Watercolour Enthusiast: Fill a basket with a Blick card, high-quality watercolour paper, a set of vibrant watercolours, and a couple of different brushes (flat and round).
  • Drawing Devotee: Combine a Blick gift card with a beautiful sketchbook, a set of drawing pencils with varying hardness, a sharpener, and a kneaded eraser.
  • Acrylic Artist: Gift a Blick gift card alongside a set of acrylic paints, various canvas sizes, some acrylic pouring mediums for unique effects, and some disposable palettes for easy cleanup.

2. The “Level Up” Kit:

Help your artist elevate their skills with a Blick gift card paired with some advanced art supplies. This could include:

  • Brushes for Professionals: A high-quality brush set from a renowned brand like Da Vinci or Winsor & Newton.
  • Speciality Papers: A selection of unique papers like watercolour paper with a cold press texture or heavyweight drawing paper for charcoal work.
  • Digital Art Starter Kit: A Blick card combined with a drawing tablet and stylus, allowing them to explore the world of digital art.

3. The “Creative Escape” Package:

Foster artistic exploration with a Blick gift card alongside some inspiring art supplies that encourage them to experiment. This could include:

  • A Set of Unconventional Art Materials: Charcoal sticks, compressed charcoal, metallic paints, or even a calligraphy set for a new artistic avenue.
  • Art Journals and Stencils: A beautiful art journal with a Blick card to fill it with creativity and some stencils for playful patterns and designs.
  • Blick Art Instructionals: A Blick gift card paired with some inspirational art instructional books or online courses.

4. The “Open Studio” Experience:

Give the gift of artistic immersion with a Blick gift card and a pass to a local art studio or workshop. This allows them to learn new techniques, network with other artists, and create in a dedicated space.

5. The “Framed and Fabulous” Gift:

For a truly unique presentation, pair a Blick gift card with a high-quality picture frame. This not only adds a personal touch but also hints at the future artwork they’ll create with the gift card.

6. The “Artful Adventure” Experience:

Turn a Blick gift card into an unforgettable experience by planning a creative outing. This could include:

  • A Visit to a Local Art Museum: Fuel their inspiration with a trip to a museum and a Blick card to purchase a memento or art supplies inspired by the exhibits.
  • A Plein Air Painting Session: Pack a picnic basket some art supplies purchased with their Blick gift card, and head outdoors for a day of painting in nature.

7. The “Fuel Your Creativity” Basket:

Help keep the artistic fire burning with a basket filled with practical and inspiring items alongside a Blick gift card. This could include:

  • A Comfortable Artist’s Chair: Providing a comfortable chair for long art sessions will be greatly appreciated.
  • A Well-Lit Table Lamp: Good lighting is essential for detailed art projects.
  • A Stylish Pencil Case: A beautiful case to store their new art supplies purchased with the Blick card.

8. The “Future Masterpiece” Gift:

If you know your artist is working on a specific project, personalize a Blick gift card with a note about their future masterpiece. Pair it with some specific art supplies they might need to complete it.

9. The “Group Gift” Idea:

For a more substantial gift, consider pooling resources with friends or family to purchase a larger Blick gift card. This allows the artist to truly indulge in their passion and get the art supplies they’ve been dreaming of.

10. The “Gift of Choice” with a Personal Touch:

No matter which Blick gift card idea you choose, personalize it with a heartfelt message. Express your appreciation for their artistic talent and excitement to see what they create with the gift card. Here are some examples:

  • “To the artist who inspires me every day, use this to fuel your creativity and create something amazing!”
  • “Happy Birthday! May this Blick card unlock a world of artistic possibilities.”
  • “Thank you for sharing your passion with the world. Here’s to your next masterpiece!”

Unique Gift Ideas For The Power of a Blick Gift Card

A Blick gift card is more than just a piece of plastic; it’s a gateway to a world of artistic exploration and expression. By combining it with thoughtful packaging, inspiring art supplies, or creative experiences, you can transform it into a truly unforgettable gift.

So, the next time you search for the perfect present for the artist in your life, consider the power of a Blick gift card. With its endless possibilities, it’s sure to spark joy, inspire creativity, and empower them to bring their artistic vision to life.

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Finding the perfect gift for an artist can be tricky, but a Blick gift card offers a solution that’s both thoughtful and empowering. It allows them to choose exactly what they need or crave, ensuring a present that fuels their creative spirit.

By pairing a Blick gift card with any of the unique ideas presented above, you can personalize the experience and create a lasting impression. From themed baskets to creative outings, the possibilities are endless. So ditch the one-size-fits-all gifts and unleash the artistic potential within them with a Blick gift card!

Unique Gift Ideas For is your one-stop shop for artistic things, including a vast selection of Blick cards. Visit us today to find the perfect gift for the artist in your life and watch their creativity flourish!

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Q: What are the benefits of giving a Blick gift card?

A: Blick gift cards offer several benefits:

  • Choice: The recipient gets to choose exactly what they need or want, ensuring a truly personalized gift.
  • Variety: Blick carries a vast selection of high-quality art supplies, catering to all skill levels and artistic disciplines.
  • Flexibility: Blick gift cards come in various denominations to fit any budget.
  • Convenience: They’re easy to purchase and redeem at any Blick store or online.

Q: How can I personalize a Blick gift card?

A: There are several ways to personalize a Blick gift card:

  • Pair it with a themed basket or art supplies: Curate a basket around a specific artistic medium or project they’re interested in.
  • Combine it with a creative experience: Plan a visit to a museum, art class, or outdoor painting session.
  • Include a heartfelt message: Express your appreciation for their artistic talent and excitement to see what they create.

Q: Where can I purchase a Blick gift card?

A: You can purchase Blick gift cards in various denominations online at [Unique Gift Ideas For website] or at any Blick store location.

Q: Can I use a Blick gift card online?

A: Yes, Blick gift cards can be redeemed for online purchases at

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