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How To Check Zaxby’s Gift Card Balance

Do you have a Zaxby’s gift card tucked away, but you’re unsure of its remaining balance? Before you head to your nearest Zaxby’s for a delicious chicken finger fix, checking your balance is a quick and easy step. Here are three convenient ways to do it:

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Online Balance Check:

Visit the official Zaxby’s website:

Navigate to the bottom of the screen and Click “Customer Service” and select “Gift Cards”

Locate the “Check Balance” option.

Enter the PIN (found on the back of your gift card) and the card number the card) in the designated fields.

Click “Check Balance” to see your remaining amount instantly.

Mobile App Balance Check:

Download the Zaxby’s app on your Smartphone or tablet.

Open the app and log in to your account (or create one if you haven’t already).

Click on the “My Wallet” section.

Select “Gift Cards.”

Enter your gift card number and PIN.

The amount that remains on your balance will show on the screen.

In-Store Balance Check:

Head to your nearest Zaxby’s restaurant.

Visit the cashier and inform them that you want to check your gift card balance.

Provide your gift card to the cashier.

They will scan the card and display the remaining balance on the register.

You can also request a receipt with your balance printed on it for future reference.

Additional Tips:

Ensure your internet connection is stable when checking your balance online or using the app.

Keep your gift card in a safe place to avoid damage or loss.

If you lose your gift card, contact Zaxby’s customer service immediately.

You can also use your Zaxby’s gift card to purchase online orders through their website or app.

Benefits of Checking Your Zaxby’s Gift Card Balance:

Budgeting: Knowing your remaining balance allows you to plan your Zaxby’s meals and avoid overspending.

Avoiding Embarrassment: Checking your balance beforehand prevents the disappointment of discovering insufficient funds at the checkout.

Maximizing Value: You can use your card to its full potential and avoid leaving any unused funds behind.

Looking for Unique Gift Ideas?

Zaxby’s gift cards are not only convenient for personal use, but they also make wonderful presents for loved ones, coworkers, and acquaintances. They provide an enjoyable and delectable approach to Zaxby’s signature dishes without having to worry about the cost.

In addition to gift cards, here are some unique gift ideas for the Zaxby’s fan in your life:

Zaxby’s merchandise: From t-shirts and hats to mugs and kitchen accessories, Zaxby’s offers a wide variety of branded merchandise that any fan would love.

Zaxby’s sauces and seasonings: Give the gift of flavor with a selection of Zaxby’s signature sauces and seasonings, allowing them to recreate their favorite Zaxby’s meals at home.

Zaxby’s is catering: Treat your loved ones to a delicious catered meal with Zaxby’s catering services, perfect for parties, gatherings, or any special occasion.

Zaxby’s gift basket: Create a personalized gift basket filled with Zaxby’s goodies, including snacks, drinks, and other fun items.


Checking your Zaxby’s gift card balance is a simple and quick process that ensures you enjoy a satisfying Zaxby’s experience. With the convenient online, mobile app, and in-store options, you can easily access your remaining balance and plan your next visit accordingly. So, go ahead, grab your Zaxby’s gift card and get ready for a delicious treat!

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